When community colleges should say ‘No’

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Written by: Alexis Naucler

Community colleges are know for admitting nearly everyone who sends in an application. But when should these colleges be able to say no? According to Educational Code section 76020, California community colleges can “exclude students of filthy or vicious habits, or students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases.” It can be easy for schools to find their way around such a vague, undefined law.

Those “filthy or vicious habits” can range from robbing a store to committing murder. A clear, defined law needs to be made to determine what these habits include. Those who have committed crimes, such as rape, weapon violence, theft, homicide, or possession of illegal substances, within six months of applying for admission should be excluded to keep the campus, students, and employees safe.

“There are things that people do that could be considered shocking, something heinous, and in those instances the colleges has…

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